Is there a one-size fits all showerhead that can please everyone in your home?  You can take all the time you want to go around the hardware and home improvement stores in your locality and you may fail to find one.  However, you do not have to lose hope, all you need to do is to understand the needs of the users and what can work best for all your needs.  Let us take a look how.

The Needs

There is no question that the needs of people can vary substantially; not to mention that the needs of men can be quite different from that of women.  When shopping for the right showerhead, do you take this into consideration?

Women mostly would enjoy a shower that has a gentle water flow.  Most of the time women are after the relaxing experience that every shower brings.  This means that you would need a showerhead that can give a soothing and pampering stream of water while enhancing the beauty of the bathroom.

Men in general are more concerned with the efficiency of the showerhead.  This means opting for a stronger water flow and consistent water pressure more than anything else.  Design and beauty of the showerhead may be relegated to the back of the priority list.

Water Efficiency

The different showerhead models also have various features that make them attractive to users.  There are many features that can be so enticing that customers may forget one of the most basic considerations – water efficiency.

How is efficiency measured?  Usually, factors like flow rate, water temperature, and other settings are accounted for.  For example, showerheads that were produced before 1994 had a flow rate of about 5.5 gallons a minute.  Compare this with newer models that have a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute and you get a more efficient showerhead without sacrificing the pleasure of your showering experience.

Would you be able to tell if the showerhead is using too much water?  Yes.  If your showerhead can fill a gallon-bucket with water in less than 24 seconds, then you can do better with a low-flow version showerhead.

Types of Showerheads

The showerheads being sold in the market typically fall under 3 categories:

  1. Multi-setting – these are showerheads that give users the comfort of changing the flow pattern of the water. Some of the more flexible models can provide as much as 12 different settings to give you a more pleasurable showering experience.
  2. Single-setting – as the name implies, there is no other option available. Once you open the water control, the stream of water flows through the nozzles.  The advantage of this model is that it costs comparatively less than the lowest priced multi-setting showerhead in the market.  This is ideal for those who just want a no fuzz showering experience.
  3. Shower Tower – this type of showerhead can deliver a showering experience similar to what you can get when going to a spa. There are several body jets mounted on the shower’s vertical strip to deliver a unique experience.  This type of shower is limited by federal regulations to limit the water flow rate to about 2.5 gallons per minute for every outlet.  Therefore, if there are 4 outlets, the shower tower can legally use up to 10 gallons per minute, which can translate to lower water efficiency.

As you can see, the price of showerheads should not be a priority consideration when buying the right showerhead for everyone in your home.  The above suggestions, should you choose to follow them, will help you to find the right showerhead that will give everyone in your home the showering experience they want without drilling a hole in your pocket. Contact plumbers in Corona by visiting our website at