We all need a break some time, right?  However, before you get all carried away with excitement with that planned vacation, make sure that you protect your home plumbing system.  This will ensure that you do not come home to a flooded property or something worse.

Taking some time to look after your plumbing before going on vacation will allow you to enjoy it even more.  Here are some tips that you must consider before you get out of the house.

Laundry Hoses

laundry hoses

It is important to regularly check the hoses of your laundry machine, more so before you head off to a vacation.  Did you know that the service life of a laundry machine hose is around 3 years?

Make a visual inspection of the hose and look for cracks, calcium deposit buildup, or any type of breakdown that can cause plumbing problems while you are on vacation.  Replace the hose if necessary.

Keeping the Heat

The common thinking is that since no one will be in the home, there is no need for the water heater to be turned on.  Unfortunately, this is not true, because even if you think that the weather is getting warmer, nights will remain to be relatively cold.

This means that there is still a possibility for your pipes to freeze.  The only way to prevent this is to leave your water heater on, but at a lower temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will help protect your pipes without jacking up your energy bill while you are away.

Do not forget to do a visual inspection of the water heater as well.  Any sign of water outside the unit should be a cause for alarm.

This is normally a sign that the water heater may need repair or even replacement.  If you really want to make sure, place a service call to have the water heater checked by a professional for your peace of mind.  If the unit has a vacation mode setting, leave it at that until you return.

Sump Pumps

Will it flood?  It is hard to assume that it will not.  That is why it is better to be on the safe side by making sure that your sump pump is in working condition before you leave.  Simply test it by pouring some water into the inlet valve and see if the pump would automatically activate.  Another thing to consider is if you have any backup system in case your sump pump fails while you are on vacation.

If you have a backup system, make sure that you test it as well.  If not, then consult a professional plumbing service for your options.  Check how you can get a battery backup system up and running before you go on your trip.  This can spell the difference between going back to a dry home and a flooded one.

Odor Protection

What causes odor to come up from your drains?  One is food particles clinging to the sides of the pipe lining, and the other is that the trap has gone dry allowing odors from the septic system to creep into your home.

Now that you know, the first thing to do is to pour in about a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white vinegar and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.  Wash it down with a kettle of hot water to flush away any food particles.

For dry traps, make sure that you do this not only with seldom used drains, but with all the drains in your home as a precaution.  Pour about a cup of water into the drain followed by a about a spoonful of cooking oil.  Since the oil floats on top of the water, evaporation will not happen to allow the drain to hold the water in the trap for a longer period.

These are pretty easy to follow tips that will help protect your home plumbing system while you are on vacation.  If you want better protection, have a professional plumber like www.plumbinglosangeles.us check your system before you go on your trip.