Clearing tree roots blocking drains

Hopefully you have heard about the problems that tree roots can do to your home plumbing system.  But in case you have not, it is important to understand that even there are many environmental benefits to planting trees, putting them in the wrong location can bring you more trouble than you bargained for.

You have to realize that the problem is not with the tree itself, but with its roots.  So how can you get rid of problematic roots?  Can you just dig through your yard an chop them off?  Great news, it does not have to be that difficult. Here is the explanation about

Drain Blockage

Have you ever stopped to think why tree roots block drains?  Are the roots guided by some internal motivation to look for sewer pipes and wreak havoc in them?  Maybe the tree roots have a vendetta against you and it is their way to give you problems and expenses?

Tree roots are designed to deliver water and nutrients to the tree.  This means that it is their function to seek out the available sources of these valuable elements.  When they find a water source, the roots force their way to it basically moving whatever is in its path.

Why your drains?  The sewer is a treasure cove of water and nutrients.  The solid waste found in the sewer system can serve as a fertilizer to help the tree to grow.  This is the reason why tree roots make a permanent home in your sewer and as a result they block the smooth flow of wastewater from your home to the sewer system.

The longer the roots stay in your sewer pipes, the bigger the problem becomes.  Because what starts off as a blocked pipe can lead to a collapsed section or a complete failure of your entire plumbing system.  You don’t want to think about that so you have to act fast and clear the tree roots.

Clearing the Roots

This is the clincher, you will not even know that the tree roots are in your drains until it has become blocked.  The older the roots become, the stronger they are and the harder it is to remove them.  So what can you do to clear tree roots?

The best solution is to call on a licensed plumbing professional to conduct a sewer inspection.  By using a plumbing camera, you will get a good view of what is actually happening inside your drains and the extent of damage that the tree roots have caused.  Once a clear picture has been established, the right solution can be put in place.

The solution can include the use of plumbing tools that can cut through the hardened tree roots and break them into smaller pieces that can be flushed down to your sewer tank where they can cause no harm.

If the problem is a collapsed section of the pipe, the solution is to replace the pipe, which undoubtedly would be more expensive.  The good news is that most of the solutions are for the long term.

What happens next?  Your goal should not only be to clear the tree roots, but to make sure that you prevent future problems of the same nature.  If you need to replace the pipe, choose PVC, which is a stronger material and not prone to corrosion.

You can also relocate the trees so that the roots are at least 30 feet from your sewer pipes.  The most important preventive measure you can do is to have a licensed plumber to do a sewer inspection at least once a year.

So make sure that you let professionals handle the work and you will spare yourself a lot of headaches as well as unnecessary expenses.