Many of the advancements in modern plumbing technology has made the work a lot easier for professional plumbers. Even some of the most difficult repairs like sewer pipe replacement or pipe inspection has become easier through technology.

Let us see the other innovations the plumbing industry is experiencing. Do you think it will work to your advantage as well?

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Green Plumbing

What started out as a sort of a fad, is now slowly becoming a standard in commercial, residential, and industrial properties. According to 47% of plumbing product sellers, many of their customers consciously look for green plumbing products to be installed in their plumbing system.

Green plumbing technology helps in various ways like recycling of rinse water (dishwashers) that can allow an average household to save around 700 gallons of water every year. Even green sprinkler systems that automatically shutoff depending on the weather condition helps to conserve on water usage. Many of the plumbing contractors find high demand for the installation of green technology.

Even water that runs the drain from the sink or shower (greywater) can be reused for other purposes in the home plumbing system. Greywater can help save water by being recycled for flushing of toilets. This type of water system generates significant savings not only in water, but also in money for many property owners.

The important thing to remember is that the installation should only be done by a licensed plumber because of its complexity.

Plumbing services that offer green plumbing technology have an increased chance of generating more business.

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Comfort and Health

Plumbing technology can also be used to improve the level of comfort and health experienced by customers. So technology will not only deliver water and energy savings, but create a better home environment for its occupants.

Touchless toilets and faucets that rely on sensors are a classic example of increasing the level of comfort in every home. Imagine simply closing the toilet lid and the toilet automatically flushes. This innovation limits the possibility of spreading germs by touching questionably clean surfaces.

For water filtration systems, the health of customers are being preserved and protected as they begin to understand the dangers posed by tap water. Homes are now increasingly into the installation of reverse osmosis filtration systems, which allows access to instantly clean potable water.

Are you fond of taking showers? Faucets and showerheads designed to deliver increased luxury by delivering a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. These luxuries are offered most of the time as upgrades by professional plumbers based on the industry demands.

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Fleet Streamlining

From the perspective of professional plumbing services, there is a need for more efficient vehicle management system. Through technological advancements, delivery of plumbing services become more effective and faster.

Plumbing services can now dispatch vehicles using the best possible route so that they can get to customers faster. Aside from the faster response time, this also allows companies to save on fuel resulting in lowered operating costs. Not to mention that the decreased mileage can extend the expected operating life of their service vehicles.

With GPS tracking technology, companies can also be assured that fleet vehicles are not utilized for personal trips. Can you imagine how professional a plumbing service will look if it sends a service vehicle within the promised time? And in case a second service vehicle is needed, the closest one can be easily located to immediately respond.

So technology in plumbing services ultimately benefits both the plumbing service provider and the customers. The important thing to make technology truly responsive to the needs of the market is to focus on innovations that are relevant to customers. Call, a licensed professional plumbing service that know what plumbing technology you can take advantage of today!