watering plants while on vacation

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So how do you make sure that your little green friends remain lush and healthy as you go on a much needed vacation?  The truth is that not all plants can be properly hydrated by sealing a plastic bag over them to have a makeshift greenhouse that will keep the soil moist.

Being a caring and responsible plant lover need not be that difficult.  Successfully watering plants while on vacation is not as difficult as you may think; let us show you how.

watering plants while on vacation

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1. Drip Water Irrigation System

This is both an ideal and cheap solution to watering your garden plants as you take your vacation.  Just get a plastic bottle for every plant that you have.  If you have potted trees, make sure to use a double-bottle for proper hydration.  Make sure that there is enough saturation for every plant before you insert the plastic bottle.  This ensures that the bottle will not become empty too fast.

To prevent dirt from blocking the bottle mouth, put a small screen on it.  This quick and easy solution can last for about 3 days (just enough for a weekend trip) and takes only about 5 minutes or less for every plant.  Aqua globes are more elegant and expensive alternatives; make sure you buy the right size for your plants.  Push in the globe angled to prevent dirt from clogging.

watering plants while on vacation

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2. Soak and Mulch

Are you going on vacation longer than 3 days?  This solution would give you about a week or so of adequate plant hydration.  Did you know that mulched plants lose water at a rate of 25 percent slower than those that are unmulched?  This of course would depend on the current season or weather.

Soak your plants generously before adding the mulch layer.  Although this may stress some of the plants, it will never come to a point that they may die.  You do not have to add more mulch if there is an existing one.  You simply need to make sure that the water seeps in deeper under the surface soil.  Adequate mulch around the roots of the plant is enough.

watering plants while on vacation

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3. Rain Barrels

As its name suggests, this is used to store rain or free water.  To use it to water your plants while you are on vacation, you need to attach the soaker hose so that you can run it through the garden.  This allows the water to slowly saturate the ground as it gently leeches through the hose.  Make sure that the ground is well soaked before you leave to allow it to absorb better.

Make sure to fill the rain barrel to the brim as well to make sure it does not run out of water.  You can fill it with tap water, it does not necessarily have to store rain water.  Use a mosquito control solution to ensure that you do not come home to an infestation and health hazard.

watering plants while on vacation

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4. String Watering System

You would have never thought that solving your watering problems could be so simple.  With a simple nylon string or cotton you can create a watering system that will keep your plants fully hydrated while you are away on vacation.  To maintain the efficiency of this system use a string that is completely water absorbent.  This allows the water to make its way up the string and to the roots of your plants.

When you use a thin cord, always braid the pieces together so that it can hold the water better.  Make sure that the container you will use can hold enough water for the size of the plant it will keep watered.

When choosing any of these solutions to watering plants while on vacation, make sure that you do your test run before packing your bags and heading out the door.  These will help you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your beloved plants.